Every Valley Is Not a Lake

Don’t bother grandma ’cause she’s right
Or you’ll be in some mess
I see how you see her, creaky bones
Bitchin’ ’bout IRS

Well take a look child
Through these photo albums
She sang to sailors in the war, baseball stadiums
In 1948

Now you’ll graduate and you think
You’re going to move out now
I will congratulate you as soon
As you pay your own way

Not tryin’ to stick a pin
In your shiny new balloon
Your alimony check won’t buy a bigger room
Or a new car

Don’t ever think about comin’ by here
With that junior from up the street
Sneakers squeakin’ on the kitchen tile, hat pulled below his eyes
That boy is trouble in his sleep

You got your father’s reckless charm, babe
Long as you givin’, somebody take
Well, every sermon is not the gospel, babe
Let me put it in another way
Every valley is not a lake

Before I let you go with your friends
Got one more thing to say
You think my love is tough, should’ve seen
Your grandma in her day

So use your wits child
‘Cause nothing stays the same
In forty years my song will be public domain
Oh, oh, oh

Sharp tongue, quick switch
Sharp tongue, quick switch
Will make my own apology felt