Sensitive Kid

I try being sweet
It’s very deep in me
Now I can only see red on red
My mom’s going out with my best friends’ dad
She talking loud I can’t believe what she said

A sensitive kid [x2]

They sold the house, left photo albums there
No silver ware while paper walls were bare
I called all my friends, ‘Come over! Come one, come all!’
‘Let’s get a crowd here for one last hoorah!’

A sensitive kid [x2]
Who made me
A sensitive kid [x2]

The message was bleak, my brother pounded it in me
You climb it up or you cut it down
This is your family tree
I know you were born with a heart of gold
But, I want a purple heart that cannot dissolve

A sensitive kid [x2]
Don’t call me
A sensitive kid [x2]

I can’t tell you why you should a known it
Sensitive kids start acting like a grown up [x4]